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Powder Room Guys

Powder Room Guys project documents the freedom that males from different walks of life, experience in their bathrooms

Isabelle Grosse-Mileo uses here techniques of documentary photography

Why the bathroom? Because, the bathroom, widely known as a feminine space, still remains a place unexplored when it comes to men

In fact, very few pictures of men in their bathroom exist, except for some few advertising “clichés”. Powder Room Guys brings us into this intimate universe, without seeking dramatic effects or emphasis

The bathroom is a space of freedom, particularly freedom where the body’s expression is no longer subject to the social representations of masculinity. It is a place where masculine and feminine notions coexist and intertwine 

The term 'powder room' has retained a meaning that is always delicate and most commonly associated with women

The aim of the project is as much about breaking such stereotypes and bringing the balance back to gender identities and practices. Powder Room Guys is part of a broader reflection that leads the artist to focus on the issue of gender

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