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(photographs and videos)

exhibition at "Maison des Arts de Malakoff", 2008

During several weeks, Isabelle Grosse-Mileo followed Lydie, a woman in charge of warming up the audience during a talk show. At the same time, the artist went on the autonomous port of Havre to film and photograph the ceaseless ballet of the arrangement of containers in docks. The public of television studio sets constitutes the archetype of a human group locked in a double frame, the one virtual of the camera and the other, real, of the scenic space. In the field of the object, the flow of goods in the autonomous port produces a metaphor for trade standardization. Isabelle Grosse is interested in the way the human activity leads to fill the space in the form of flow. This terminology of the flow is linked to a certain idea of the power in what it has of structuring and of standardization

“Shaping”, video loop

filmmaker, editing: Isabelle Mileo Grosse

frame: Nicolas Petit, Isabelle Mileo Grosse
sound: remix from a soundtrack of Bruno Guigantithanks to Lydie Jaïd


The video is based on the parallel editing of human gestures and movements of two kinds of robots. Both machines, the camera arm and the robot’s of an assembly line in a car factory, set a threatening and ineluctable rhythm. on the other hand, we can see the gestures of a painter in a factory and the actions of the girl, on the tv set, who is in charge of the public. the collusion of these universes questions the shaping of human beings


video installation

filmmaker, editing: Isabelle Mileo Grosse

co-production La Maison des Arts de Malakoff

The succession of gestures between Duty and abandonment highlights the great theatricality of human relationships

“Tacit agreement”, video

A security check, at the entrance of the tv set. Fragmentation of the image and repeat loop slideshow “tacit agreement” in which the viewer, resigned and disciplined undergoes security checks, stigmatize the act of voluntary submission that integrates the individual

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